We use the most efficient and environmentally friendly land clearing equipment in existence. We exclusively operate Gyro Trac equipment. These low-ground-pressure, high-speed mulching machines clear unwanted trees and underbrush in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. We can complete the job faster, and unlike conventional land clearing equipment that tear up the soil, our Gyro Trac equipment leaves soil structures intact; therefore, eliminating erosion and run-off pollution. Our low-ground-pressure machines are agile and highly maneuverable, eliminating damage to neighboring keeper trees caused by conventional clearing equipment. Our highly specialized and environmentally sensitive equipment can oftentimes eliminate the need for permitting.

Our Gyro Trac machines are equipped with Toma-Ax high-flow fixed-tooth planar head cutting technology. Each tooth is a knife that helps plane down the debris and mulch it into fine, highly desirable, nutrient-rich mulch. Unlike other mulching machines that use a fixed hammer tooth to beat trees and brush into pieces.

We sharpen all teeth daily to increase productivity and efficiency. All equipment is maintained to the highest standard to decrease equipment failure and downtime.


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