Frequently Asked Questions

How do mulchers work?

Our machines mulch all unwanted trees and brush into fine mulch using a rotary fixed tooth planar cutterhead. All stumps are ground down to below ground level leaving behind a bed of mulch that can be accessed and driven on immediately. We operate the most environmentally friendly and efficient mulching equipment on the market.

What happens to mulch left on the ground?

The nutrient-rich bed of mulch remains on the ground protecting the integrity of the soil structures while helping to prevent erosion and maintain moisture. This layer of mulch helps to improve soil quality, allowing for grass and forb seeds to germinate and grow into a thick absorbent ground cover, helping to reduce evaporation and increase infiltration of rainfall and run-off.

Will grass and vegetation grow through the mulch?

Yes! Seeds will naturally germinate within the mulch bed. To increase the speed of this process and to allow for even coverage we do recommend that you seed over the cleared area.

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How many acres can be cleared per day?

This depends greatly on a variety of factors affecting the area needing to be mulched. The density of the material, terrain, soil structures, as well as your specific needs of what is to be mulched and what is to be left untouched, all play into the efficiency of the mulching process. We operate the most efficient land clearing equipment on the market and can clear from 1 to 5 acres per day with one machine.

Can I select certain trees that I want to keep?

Yes! Selective land clearing is one of our specialties. We make sure that keeper trees are specifically marked and we maneuver carefully around each one so as not to damage the selected trees. Our equipment is well-suited for this particular application. We operate low-ground-pressure machines so as not to compress the soil structure and damage roots of neighboring keeper trees.

How do you charge and what are your rates?

Each job is unique and we invite you to contact us for a free on-site evaluation of your land clearing needs. After the on-site evaluation we will present a bid proposal to complete the job. We can also bid jobs based on a daily rate.

Conventional methods vs. mulching?

Conventional land clearing equipment such as dozers and excavators are very destructive. These types of machines use force to push over and uproot trees leaving holes in the ground and piles of dirt and rock. Once the trees and brush are pushed up the area needs to be raked and the debris needs to be sorted and either burned or hauled off. Typically, once all this is done the cleared area needs to be graded to smooth out the piles of dirt and rock and fill in the holes left by up-rooted trees. This method of land clearing is damaging to soil structures and often leads to erosion problems. It is also time-consuming and expensive.
Cleared with conventional methods
(bulldozer & excavator)
Cleared with Gyro Trac

Mulching clears the land of unwanted trees and brush without damaging the property and/or surrounding keeper trees. All material is chipped into mulch and stumps are cut below ground level. Mulching is a less invasive method of clearing land. It is more economically efficient and timely method of land clearing.

Can you work in wet conditions?

Yes! Our low-ground-pressure machines are well suited for wetlands clearing. Our equipment has such a light footprint that even in wet conditions it will not leave large ruts or damage soil structures. We can typically work in heavy rains and continue clearing without being shut down like conventional land clearing equipment.